Thursday, February 4, 2016

2016 the dream.

Well 2016, here we are! 

My life has seen so many changes since my last post ... 
well a lot has changed but a lot has stayed the same.

I'm still creating to my hearts content, but no longer as a part of Ruby's Nest.

Ruby's was a wonderful experience, 2 years running a shop with my crafty friend Anna of Polly Pratt.

Each week the space evolved and grew into something we just loved more and more. 
As the end of our 2 year lease approached, it was decision time though.

Anna was lucky enough to have landed a small shop and residence (every designers dream) whilst on a hunt for a new home to house hubby and her baby on the way. 
Life for her, was taking a whole new direction, which meant that by default mine was too.
I personally, grew so much as an individual and designer during the 2 years at Ruby's and I will forever be grateful for the opportunity to have shared a shop space with Anna.
Alas... life was to change,  Just when  thought I had it all sorted out.

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I was at a crossroads, being forced to make a decision as to which way my life was to go.
Knowing the rent of our current premises I really didn't think it was an option to go it alone, so I started to contemplate leaving the creative life and heading back to the 9 to 5.

I honestly sat on this for a while and it just made me feel so heavy and down on life.
I started to look at smaller shop spaces closer to home, convincing myself I could go back to markets and work part time on the side.
None of this sat well with me.
So I pushed it all aside for 2 months, so I could just get on with life and hope that something would pan out.
Allowing myself to fully be present at the Ruby's with no expectations or decisions made about the future, 
made me realize that it was something I really enjoyed doing on a deeper level.
Creativity is at the heart of what I do and having people engage with that process, loving what you make ... enough to buy it, is extremely fulfilling.
Whilst the idea of having a shop to represent my own range was exciting, I've always been passionate bout representing the work of others too.  Helping new designers get there products out there and giving more established designers a home for their work too.

So thinking about a small shop was no longer an option ... because how could I fit the work of a crafty community into a small space.
Dream big hey, Why Not?!

So begun a period of seeking advice from accountants, bookkeepers and business mentors to test the viability of staying at 159 and going it alone.
Easy is not a word I would use in describing the decision making process and easy is not a word I would use to describe the job that I had laid out before me ... but I have never been one to take the easy road. 
I'm not afraid of a challenge and I believe with all my heart that if you come from a good place, with heartfelt intentions you are on the right track.
Back it up with a bit of hard yakka and 110% commitment and you have a wonderful foundation from which to spring board life in any direction you want.

So began, the next phase of my life ...
In Dec 2015 I opened my own shop space called 'Finki'. Representing my handmade range, along side the work of over 40 independent designers, makers, jewelers and artists.

It was so exciting to take this step and bloody scary too !
Its not all crafty parties and fabric shopping ... 
  If I want to sell 100 items a week to pay my rent, I need to be able to make 100 items a week to sell.
So its a huge balancing act to keep it all afloat.  One only made possible by the artist/designers and makers who bring awesome stock my way each week and of course the community of customers who support our work and keep the dream alive for all of us.
I used to think in terms of 'I' and 'me' ...
  Only to learn that in life and business, 
it is all about 'us' and 'we' ... 'We' as a community of makers and 'us' as conscientious consumers.

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It takes a village to raise a child, it also takes a village to run a successful business.  

So thank you to all of you. My village, my tribe.
Running my own shop is a dream come true and I could not do it without you.
Jay x

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  1. Congratulations Jay, This is amazing and I know you'll be successful and you'll be happy. Virtual big warm hugs to you :-)


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