Thursday, July 8, 2010

Time for a cuppa....

It's time for a cuppa,

Mr.Finn in his apron, helping me bake today.

cause against all odds, I finally finished my new pinnies for the shop.

I really wanted a plain denim pinnie just to throw over your basic pants and body tee, but once i got cutting and I couldn't resist adding some frou frou...
That's what we'd call garnish when i used to work with dad in the R.S.L kitchens...
Don't send that meal out without frou frou he'd say.

How could I send out a new frock without the frou frou too....

I sometimes think I can do conservative pieces, But I really can't. It's just not me.

So here's the new pinnie ready for the shop tomorrow, complete with contrast buttons and floral pocket detail.

Perfect with a plain body tee for warmth and even better with your fave red cardi.

I'm lovin' it.

Oh and by saying against all odds I meant, needle snapped, buttons not available and machine threatened to cark it on me.....

But all is well that ends well.
Amen to that.


  1. Fabulous Frou Frou - just what the pinny was calling out for!

  2. mr Finn is looking mighty grown up there Miss Jay!
    lovin the frou frou, we all need it don't we.
    hugs ♥

  3. Please, please send some of your beautiful clothes up to Handmade Heaven....please, pretty please? Lisa x

  4. Oh, gorgeous! Are the lacy bits screenprinted? I thought of doing a doily screenprint, maybe I could sneak into your studio and 'borrow' your screen. :-D

  5. Where would it be without the froufrou? Gotta remember that. I am trying hard to make some plain folders, which is easier, but my natural self wants the foufrou tootoo. I think your decoration takes the pinny into the designer world. Cherrie


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