Friday, July 23, 2010

Lots of newbies instore....

At work we end up only having to do a shift in the shop every 9 days or so.

It's easy to think of the time in between as a holiday, where I could lounge all day sipping chai and baking cakes.
Alas....that would not bring home the bacon and that would bore me, no the time between shifts is all go. At present I am quite enjoying the fashion designer thing. I'm definitely filling up my wardrobe and it seems that there are a few lovely ladies out there who are enjoying it too.
For each sale I make, I'm right back out there in another fabric store buying up for the next best thing.
It's becoming quite an addiction. Buy, make, sell, so the equation there is a bit wrong, but very me.
I always spend more then I make.....did i mention I'm a shopaholic!

Anyways, enough with the jibber jabber.
Let me show you what I made this week.

Firstly my new tunic.
Made up in an amazing vintage inspired jersey print.

I adore a cowl neck, but find as a bigger girl that they make me look bigger....sooo I put pen to paper and drafted the perfect cowl neck for people like me. It's quite an open neckline, fitted through the body and flared at the hip.

It can be worn as a dress for those gals with fabulous legs, or it can be worn over pants....

You could layer it over your fave body tee for warmth....

and spunk it up even more with a vest or wrap cardi.
(modeled here with beautiful jeans by Starashan and a fab vest by Ena designs, our newest member at the shop)

I'm wrapt with the way the pattern turned out, so I'll be making this a 'Finki' staple and will have new colors to show you soon.

Next I went with warmth and some winter hues.
I'm trying my hardest to not have a range that depends on black or dark colors at all, but I couldn't resist the rich autumn hues in this beautiful wool blend.

I contemplated just making one for me, as I've always wanted a skirt like this, but never found one in my size. Then I think, seeing as how I'm cutting one up to make for me, I may as well cut up a few for the shop.

And whats a girl to wear it with! I can't just put a new skirt in with no top to match. so I whipped up a few classic black body tee's with little burgundy/wood grain buttons to complete the outfit.

Lovin it'.

Oh and after much thought and many special requests I have started to make my range from a size 10.
The tops go from a 10 - 20, the tunics start at size 8-10 and go to a 20 and the skirts are still beginning at a 12 till I grade the pattern smaller.

But If you ever see something you like in the shop that's not in your size, just let me know and I'm sure I can whip something up quick smart.


  1. Deb Mailman would have loved that tunic! The one I got her to try on was the grey with the doily pocket.

    Looks like you had fun playing dress-ups with the mannequin today! Is the whole shop window dressed in Finki? :-)

  2. I'm loving that new tunic - great cut (as I'm a bit booby too) and fab fabric.

  3. I've been looking for a new skirt forever. Think I may just have found what I'm after. Will have to make a visit to the shop, and quick smart.

  4. It is hard not spending more than you earn when the ordering of new fabric online is only ever a few metres away...*sigh*...

  5. Wow, you've been busy Jay! Looks great.


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