Sunday, August 1, 2010

A cushion or two....

Finally finished my new cushions for the shop....

I'm very excited by how well they turned out, it's so hard not to keep them all for myself.

I screen printed two with my dragonfly...

and made the rest with a combination of vintage, retro and modern fabrics.

All delivered to the shop today ready for new homes.


  1. The red one with the buttons is my favourite, so classy!

  2. In my next life I am getting a plain lounge so I can enjoy cushions such as yours. I totally love them but the would clash with my flowered lounge. Cherrie

  3. Jay these look just great - so Finkified! Lovely and vibrant, no wonder they are hard to part with!

  4. They're all stunning!
    I love all the button and ribbon details.

  5. These are lovely.

    What a fantastic collection of fabrics you have.

  6. Wow.. Jay you have sooo many creations! I just love the variety of your stuff...I'll have to get over to Olive Grove soon to check it all out. Pity I missed the election day sale.. I was hosting a 12 year old twins party! Celia


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