Thursday, August 26, 2010

My creative space...

My creative space this week is all about vests....

I'd made black and charcoal ones last week,

for me and the shop......and I just wear them all the time.
(Modeled here with a fab cuckoo clock brooch from Betty Jo)

So I thought I'd add some more colors.

Shades of green, blue and red....Yum!

My wardrobe is well and truly taken care of, for this last little bit of winter. Hooray!

Another change in my creative space will be an update on the mannequin front. Although I do love my current lady, she has no legs to stand on, many tatters and tears and does not adjust or hold her shape anymore. So whilst I'll keep her for her aged beauty and style she just does not cut the mustard when it comes to doing fittings, or creating upon.

So off I go hunting for a real size dressmakers dummy (size 12 - 20 or there about) that will not consume my entire tax return....
I priced one at Spottie Brunswick yesterday, $550 dollars. It was the project runway purple one. Not sure what makes it so special to be hundreds more then the red ones, but I will not be buying that one, that's for sure!

See many more fabulous creative spaces over at Kirsty's....


  1. Hee hee didn't you know that it costs at least $250 to print the brandname 'Project Runway' on the mannequin???
    PS If you do find a cheap one, I'd love to know too please!

  2. Yay you, i sold two of your vests today :) Try Birch for a manniquinn.

  3. The vests are great!!! Good luck on your search...

  4. love your vests... and your blog! Keep up the grouse work :)


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