Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Time for some close ups......

As promised, a closer look at the wool vests I made.
They are hip length and shaped through the body, fastening with a kilt pin.

You can do it up which ever way suits you best.
Standing collar, V-neck or scrunched.

Whilst I had the camera out, I thought it high time I take better pics of my peekaboo back vests for you too.
These ones I designed with the intention of showing as much color and shape as possible of the body tee worn beneath, whilst still covering all the wobbly bits. I have one each of the black and denim for my wardrobe and I just wear them to death....
Lastly, the finished result of my screen printed ship tee's. Looking fabulous in Navy and white.

Every thing's available down at the shop, as per usual, size 12 -20.

Jay xx


  1. I love them, just love them. I just got a bit of ship shape anchor style fabric me self me harty. Going to make little purses with it.

  2. All very cool, Jay. I especially love the vests!


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