Thursday, August 19, 2010

My creative space...

This week my creative space feels a lot like I'm walking round and round in circles....Doing a little bit of everything at once. That's just how it rolls sometimes.

I began the day doing undercoats of paint for some more art bangles.

Whilst they dried I glued the frames onto the art brooches I began last night....

and while they dried I varnished some beautiful birds.....

Of-course that left me with more spare time whilst things dried, so I worked on heat setting my pussy cats....

sewing on buttons to finish some tee's...

and lastly making some bows as fun brooches to go with my even newer tee's...

Doing lots of little bits to work toward lots of finished pieces real soon.....

Doing my laps from study, to kitchen, to study I kept passing the mirror and admiring my new dress in the reflection so I just had to take a pic of that too.
Made By Mim at Olive Grove studios. Lovin it!
(note to self, clean mirror next time before taking pics....)

See heaps more creative spaces over here....


  1. Wow, you've been busy!

  2. Oh! I think my heart skipped a beat over those green stripey tees with the black bow brooch. Gorgeous.

    So jealous of your productive day. I can't do a thing this week.

  3. WOW Jay, busy busy! I love days like that though, they feel very productive :) Happy creating!

  4. you are so productive, i got tired reading, i need a nap. i love those bird brooches

  5. nothing like a nice productive creative space, looks like you have lots of fun things going on :)


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