Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Something old, something new.....

On the drawing board this week is all the bits and bobs to do some major restocking of 'Finki' accessories.

I have been very sidetracked by the clothes making for a few weeks and totally neglected my jools.

So I had to step away from the machine and get crackin' on new goodies for the shop.
My focus last week was making lots of new fabric covered studs and finishing my cushions.

So this week I'm working on new art journals,

finishing some glass pendants,

and working on some brand new bangles.
(I'll make sure I pop back to show you the finished result before I pop them in the shop on Fri)

Sometimes I do wonder if I spread myself too thin by having a range that covers many a crafty genre, but the truth is...I know myself well enough to know that I could never focus on just one thing.
I'd get bored far too quickly and become complacent.
And really.... each week or month that I focus on one project is enough to bring it to completion then move on to something else. Keeps it all new and exciting.

I also find I get a different type of RSI from each each activity when I do it for too long.
I probably sound like a bit of a nanna, but it's true.

When I do my stitched baskets and pen holders for weeks on end, my fingers and arms start to ache. When I machine sew for hours a day, week after week, my shins start to have pedal strain, when I spend weeks on graphic designs I get eye strain from too much computer time.
So all in all it's a pretty perfect system.

I can just put one thing down for a while and pick up something else when the strain, pain and boredom of one activity kicks in.

How do you manage your crafty adventures?
Knit in winter and sew in summer....
Wait till the mojo's flowing then go hell for leather till the end is in sight....

I think the best part of being a sole trader is having the ability to create work routines just for you, to suit your lifestyle, your energy flow and your family. Helps keep it all exciting and fresh too.

Jay xx

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