Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Here's looking at you kiddo......

Looking with fresh eyes, in my first time ever reading glasses.....

Does it mean I'm getting old....

More mature looking perhaps.....


Coming from a family of 8 who all wear glasses, I was bound to need some eventually.

Now I just have to get used to the fact that when i glance up from the computer every thing is fuzzy. Have to figure out just the right resting place so I can peer over the top to see both distances clearly and..... boy oh boy, am I looking more and more like my mother when I do that....



  1. I wear glasses, why hide the fact & who has time for contact lenses while getting 4 children out the door each day. I'm the ONLY sibling who has to wear them, bummer. I was fine until mid highschool, so i blame study. You look cute, dare i say extra clever?? Love Posie

  2. you are sooo cute!
    hey I misplaced my reading glasses & yours look like mine...did you sneak over & take them??!!!
    they really suit you. who's that tongue poking chap in the back there?!
    missed you ♥

  3. Love the new "eyes"! Hope they make a difference for you.

  4. They definitely suit you! Very suave...

  5. OMG you look so cute and spunky in those glasses!

  6. You look gorgeous with and without.
    So there.

  7. Don't be daft - you look gorgeous! Besides how cool is it to be able to see properly?!

  8. Very cute! I got my first pair of glasses two weeks ago and I'm still not used to them - I actually keep forgetting to put them on!Hope you're having more luck :)

  9. Join the club, getting that right resting place is an issue for me too! It takes me ages to thread a needle with out them, sometimes I'm just too lazy to put them on and when I finally succombe to wearing them I wonder how I coped without them !

  10. You look so cute in that last photo. Sooooooo cute!!!! xxx


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