Wednesday, August 3, 2011


I'm so excited that my new tree screen got finished sooner rather then later. Gave me a chance to whip up my prototype, so I could give it a whirl burl before the weekend.

Quite impressed, I am.
After visualizing it for a long time .... it worked out just the way I wanted.

The irony is that I spent hours photographing all the tree's in the neighborhood....

and ended up using this one for my artwork.

It's the one in our own backyard .... Of course!

I just have to grade sizes in the new skirt pattern, then I'm good to go.

I won't have them done and in shop till late next week, but at least mine is ready for a trip into town to visit the crafty ladies at 'The pop up studio sale' happening at the Nicholas building.
Might see yah there.
Jay xx


  1. Oh nice! I saw that screen when I was in olive grove the other day and wondered what it would become!

  2. Love the detail in your print. You can actually discern that the buds are about to burst from the twigs. Great stuff Jay@Finki!


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