Thursday, August 25, 2011

Finished stuff...

Sometimes it seems a real struggle to finish things, especially when I try and do too many things at once.
I tend to have every bench space covered in stuff of every crafty medium. Which is a sensible way to work in some respects...cause what else do you do while glue dries or resin sets. You move onto the next thing of course!
But soon enough, every where you turn....there is stuff.

So this week I have been finishing things, clearing spaces and re-organizing a little.

Finished my new brooches in all the colors of the rainbow,

finished restocking hair clips, bracelets and earrings,

finally photographed some more of mums scarves.

I tend to take them straight into the shop and forget to update here,
but lots of awesome colors made up, so I had to take some new piccies...

A much quicker turnaround on the granny square scarves,
now that I have the professional on to it. aka mum...

I was struggling to get one a fortnight done in my spare time,
so it was time for intervention. Thanks Mum.

Once all that was done, I made time to clear benches and pack stuff away.
Not surprisingly when I pack stuff away, it still looks messy. Something to do with having sooo much stuff Aughh...

So I took a day off and went traipsing around the country side in search of storage solutions.
Now I do love Ikea and it's clever ways of storing things, but I do like to diversify and mix it up a bit too, so my study/house does not look like an Ikea catalogue.

Hence our journey went along the trails of oppies, antique bazaars and second hand stores.

I have been following and bidding on numerous lockers and cabinets on eBay all week, only to be pipped at the post every time. Although really, my humble bids of $50 max pretty quickly got overtaken and nearly everything I liked went between $300 and $1200. Aughhh...

I really wanted some old school lockers. Something big and metal, with many doors to hide all my stuff away. I have many open shelves at home and no amount of prettying them up was gunna make my room seem any less of a sty. So closed storage it had to be.

Fortunately fate smiled upon us and I found the perfect bunch of lockers at an ex-office furniture store for much less then eBay was fetching.


Now it is so nice to be in my study and not see all the projects on shelves that need finishing. I Can just pull out one at a time and focus on whats before me.

Much nicer indeed.

Jay xx


  1. Wow, looks like you have quite a diverse range now. Haven't popped by for a while as have been a little lazy with blogging, and reading blogs. Lockers are a great idea, I have some all painted up in my youngest girls room - she loves them. I am sure there is photo of them somewhere on my blog

  2. Nothing beats a jolly good finish up and tidy up does it? It is so easy to put off though ... Well done for cracking on and getting it all sorted!

  3. I love the look of the new brooches, and I definitely need to come in and pick up a new cowl. I love the look of the yellow and the green colours. My gorgeous teal one fell out of my basket when I was riding home from work one night. I'd better pop in during the weekend sale.

    Lockers are a great idea. How fun.

    PS. I'll be ready to start working on your painting shortly. We'd better catch up soon and talk about it.


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