Thursday, September 1, 2011

All in a row...

A teeny tiny bit over deadline...but I finished my piece for Augusts challenge. 'All in a row'.

As I showed you previously, I'd decided to do 'buildings' ... all in a row and what better line of buildings then our own city skyline.

I was tossing up whether to do bag, cushion or skirt, three great options, but in the end I went with skirt.

Worn here with one of my new 3/4 stripe tee's ( yet to be printed on)
and a funky 'Found' scarf that I treated myself too on sale day.

I love the way the print turned out, so I've screened some up to be made into cushions too...

In this mix of prints, you'll see the start of my bag. A piece I'm working on for our next Olive Grove group exhibition. Can't tell you which one though! Secret squirrel business.

And seeing as how it's the beginning of a new month, first I must say...
A big welcome to spring.
I have been waiting for you to come warm my home and brighten up my life
with colors that seem to escape me in winter.

Secondly...time for a new 'monthly design challenge' theme.

For September I choose 'the Bird'.

Image via: Simply Claudia on Flickr

Our friendly feathered friend.

I do have a wee obsession with birdy stuff. Earrings, pendants, art, toys, clothes. Any genre or medium that includes a bird has me handing over the dosh to make it my own.

I know they were every where about 2 years ago, so I thought it may have just been a passing fad, but Nah! It's stayed with me and I'd like to explore it some more this month for the 'Monthly design challenge'.

Now knowing it is a wee obsession my little birdy love, it might be a month of many bird things. I'm thinking of getting out some clay, some paint, some paper and possibly some felt!
No clues there!

Do join in, if them birdies make you smile too.

No matter what you end up making, if it is anything to do with birds, it can most definitely be counted as a design piece worthy of joining my little monthly challenge.
I'd love you to jump on board and come play too.
Jay xx

P.S I have already collected some lovely inspiration on my Pinterest other wee pop on over "here" to check it out.


  1. I'm in love with birdies too, even love having them around me singing. I wore my bird t-shirt last night and felt very special. I notice I get that extra look when I wear it to the shops too. Cherrie

  2. The new skirt look gorgeous.

    Hey, can you send me an invite for Pinterest? I put in for one but never got anything back.


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