Tuesday, September 20, 2011

For the boys...

I have been working away at some screen printed goodies for the boys this week.

Hadn't planned on it, but after getting a custom order for a tee, I figured I may as well whip up some more considering I already had all the gear out.

I gave the city screen a whirl burl on the men's tee's and tried out some new colorways for the octopus.

In keeping it real, I thought I'd share my failures too. As it aint always smooth sailing in my production shop...what with being human and all.

More often then not what happens with printing and me, is an incomplete image being screened. So I get some areas that look faint or bits that lose there definition.

Out of today's 30 odd tee's, I stuffed up two of them.

I decided to treat the first print, the dodgy one, as a base color and screen a second color over top so that it had a shadow effect.

Sorta worked on one of them. I quite like the teal city one.
The Octopus....well I may have gone overboard on that one.

and just for fun, I introduced T-rex to the city of Melbourne. This ones a birthday pressie for a friend, but I do like the effect and shall explore a little more the two color thing.

Just have to decide whether to go, space invasion or gigantic lizard!

Only time will tell.

Jay xx


  1. Love the teal city, but possibly love the T-Rex city even more!

  2. I like the godzilla one, very effective!

  3. Love T-Rex over the top but Space Invaders would be very cool TOO!


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