Tuesday, September 6, 2011

making a bag.

So we have an exhibition coming up at Olive Grove where we have to take a spring quote or poem and create a bag around it.

I haven't made a bag before and most definitely should have signed up to one of Nikki's classes to learn a thing or two before attempting anything too tricky, but as per usual I have left my self with only 3 days left to make it, so have just gone with my usual knack for wingin' it.

I had purchased some handles I loved a few weeks back and had a vague idea of what fabric I wanted to use, but beyond that it was a matter of letting something bloom.

I do love my new trees screen, so decided to use that, which was all I needed as my starting point to get the ball rolling.

We all donate the bags we make to our exhibition, so that money raised from sales can go toward shop fittings. So I figured I better put some extra time in, to create a bag with pockets, zips and magnetic closures.

The works!

Only two more steps to go...

The handles...

Which are just tacked on in this pic,
so I could double check it was all coming together o.k

Then I'll be making a birdie brooch to pin in the branches, to finish it off.

I was going to applique one on, but quite like the bag without anything else and wanted to give the buyer (well hopefully someone likes it) the option of taking the birdy off and having a more streamline look if they prefer.

Of course I do need the birdy to tie in with the quote I've chosen and it could double as meeting my birdy challenge for the month!

Could... but you know me, I'll be doing heaps more birdy stuff to fulfill that one.

Will post more picks when complete.
Jay xx


  1. These handles look terrific! But I'm not sure how you attach them? It's a lovely bag!

  2. Those handles are amazing. The whole bag is! I'll come check it out when the exhibition starts.


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