Friday, September 9, 2011

Birds...the experimenting begins.

This months design challenge is all about birds. One of my favourite little creatures to include in projects.

I did put a birdy brooch on my exhibition bag the other day and contemplated calling that 'challenge complete' but nah...
There is too much fun to be had with crafty bird ideas, I can't stop there.

So after finishing said bird brooch and beginning my clean up to complete 'project bag', I admired the scrap freezer paper outline on the floor.

I quite liked the shape it left and had a play with making some really basic fabric shapes of a bird. Some with wings some with out.

Then I moved onto thinking about other shapes I like
and had a play with some hearts, clouds and tree's.

Not sure if they will eventuate in to anything yet, but I was having a low energy day and just needed to whip up something crafty and cute to make it feel as though I did actually do 'something' today.

Not entirely mad keen on the outcome. It needs more...

I dunno, some buttons or lace or a print.

Will play some more and see what evolves.

Hope your keeping well in your neck of the woods and don't forget you're all welcome to join in and create some birdy wonderfulness too.

Jay xx


  1. I really like all the stitching details around your shapes. I keep meaning to join in!

  2. These are looking good - amazing how one thing leads to another isn't it?!


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