Thursday, September 29, 2011

Sale time...

We are having a little 3 day Facebook sale to clear odds and ends.

Ti's a new thing for Olive Grove and considering there are 8 of us in one small space it makes perfect sense to have a FB sale once a month to keep things moving along.

Gives all our out of towners a chance to shop with us too.

Eventually...don't hold me to it though...we would like to get an online store up and running. But these things take time and we want to make sure it's done properly, so stay tuned for updates.

My little offering for the month is some men's tees. Were $48 now $25.

A perfect giftie for the hubby, brother or son.
More details here.....

I did have some jewelery up for grabs, but a lovely follower typed SOLD with the speed of lightening way before I even had a chance to tell you all about it. (Thanks lovely lady)

To keep posted on all things new at Olive Grove head over to our Facebook page and like us and whilst you're on the Facebook liking adventure,

be sure to pop on over to my Finki page and share some love there too.

I'm such a technical failure and really resisted the whole FB thing, but.... you know what they say...'The rolling stone gathers no moss'. So I had to roll with it too.

Jay xx

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