Monday, November 28, 2011

Another year over...

....and a new one's just begun.

Ti's the time of year for cake, candles and changing that little number in my profile blurb.
Another year older and wiser and still loving my thirties much more then any other decade.

I continue to learn more about myself and my place in this world every day.
Learning, growing and playing.
I hope I never stop learning or stop wanting to.

I won't reel off a list of this years activities, achievements and bridges crossed.
Just know, it was a good one.
One that gives me great enthusiasm for the year to come and all it has to offer.

My day, or weekend really... has been a whirlwind of,

Yummy things,

little things,

crafty hearty awesome things,

and funny things,

A man of many words, this is the inside of my Birthday card from the littlest.
He actually didn't want to write anything.
He just wanted to give it as is, cause it had a cool dinosaur on the front. Hee hee...

All I could wish for and more.
Thanks for another year.
Jay xx

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