Tuesday, November 8, 2011

A new range...

Finally I can spill the beans on the secret squirrel business I have been working on of late.

It's been a crafty collaboration a long time in the making.
Not so much that we had been planning it for a long time, more so that when we met so many years ago during our first foray into markets I knew... I just knew that this day would come.

We were both just beginning to take our craft seriously and wonder if we could make a business of it. We both struggled with self acceptance and forms of expression. Wanting to create but not entirely sure what path it would take.

I do believe we are still both on a journey, a creative path that for each of us is so different but has led us to this point in time, this T- intersection in the road that has found us both standing at the same spot at the same time. Confident in our own abilities and creative talent and wandering which path to walk down next.

Well I tell you, the path we have chosen is very exciting and I'm very proud and all tingly to share the results of our first collaboration.


Brought to you by Cathy Kirwan (aka Tinniegirl) and I.

Our first range, celebrating four pieces of art titled
Grow, Acts of love, Abundance and Surrender,
are available in store at Olive Grove studios
or online at Tinniegirl.

Working with my love of colors and Cathy's amazing use of color in her artwork has been an absolute joy.
The range so far incorporates earrings and rings,


and pendants.

Image via Tinniegirl on etsy

I just adore every piece we've made, and hope you do too.
Hooray for crafty collaborations.
Jay xx


  1. It's all just beautiful Jay, well done!

  2. Jay, what a wonderful collaboration! Just gorgeous jewellery. Now I need to decide what I need....

  3. Those are to-die-for. Brava, brava!

  4. Yes, I think this and so many other possibilities are simply meant to be. So glad this has come to fruition my friend.

  5. love love love them...



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