Monday, October 31, 2011

This is the end....Blogtoberfest day 31.

Beautiful friends, the end....

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Ahh nothing like a bit of J.M to help say goodbye, farewell, adios amigos...this is the end.
The end of another great Blogtoberfest.
A month full of blogging, daily adventures in craft, life and love.

It has been lovely to share a little more of me with ye'all and in return to learn a little more about so many of you. I still plan on sitting down with the big list of participants on Tinniegirls blog and making it a point of dropping by every single one. So please keep the list up Ms T, I have some great reading ahead of me.

I have to say, thank you to all the real bloggers I visit every other day. Some blogtober participants, some not...People like Michelle of button tree lane, Thornberry, Cath of Chunky chooky and Cathy of Tinniegirl our hostess with the mostess.

Art Journal page by : Teesha Moore.

By real...I mean, these are woman who talk about heart and soul, share there losses and sorrow, who show themselves in leggings and half made frocks and who are not afraid to just be themselves.

You all remind me that even though we like to share the joy, craft and happiness in our lives, we all relate to each other on a whole different level when we share the other parts of our lives that aren't so candid and glamorous.

You ladies have made me smile, made me cry, inspired me and humbled me.

Through this wonderful journey of Blogtoberfest, each year I grow a little and remember that I am not alone in this big old world.
Most importantly I remember how important it is to keep it real.

Happy end of Blogtoberfest everyone. Didn't it go fast.
Jay xx


  1. What a beautiful post Jay. I've loved watching you reconnect with your blog this past month, showing a bit more of yourself. It's great stuff.

    As for the "didn't it go fast?" - not so sure about that :-)

  2. Jay, you've just made ME smile and cry! Thank you so much for including me in that list of lovely women. Although my blog is very much focused on documenting what I've made, I like to think that I also keep it real! There is so much that goes on in our lives that doesn't get blogged, and it does change the relationship (for the better I think) when many of those other things sneak their way in. Personally I find YOU inspirational!


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