Friday, October 7, 2011

Animals...Blogtoberfest day 7.

What school holidays are complete without a visit to the zoo.

Especially when kids are free.

The littlest may well have spent the whole day running
and beyond his initial fascination with seeing the elephants

quite possibly found locks on gates and HUGE rubbish bins,
a wee bit more interesting then the animals.

But... that's o.k.
We all make our own fun.

Whereas big girl, was loving the animals especially the orangutans ...

and still wants to work with animals when she grows up.

It was our first Saturday together as a family for over three months...
No thanks to Ty's job in retail.

So it was just lovely to not be in a hurry
and to have time together to enjoy such a beautiful spring day.

Jay xx

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  1. It took many zoo visits for Jack to actually notice the animals, instead of just playing with fences and padlocks!


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