Friday, October 21, 2011

Got me some bunting...Blogtoberfest day 21.

Boy oh boy, I've been hanging out to get me a bunting necklace ever since I saw them on Betty Jo's blog.

So today I made the trip to her new shop for a sticky beak and to grab one of my own.

Gleaners is the exciting new store opened by Liz of Betty Jo fame
and that girl....I tells yah, she's got taste.

Beautiful range of recycled, up cycled, retro and vintage delights,
great displays and of course the friendliest service this side of town.

Putty tat likes my necklace too...

Silly me I had walked past the lane way twice this week not realising it was so close to my work. So if you know Brunswick, or's just around the corner from Spotlight and it's seconds away from the Sydney rd tram. Very easy to get to.

You could make a day of it and come see me at Olive Grove, pop in for some op shopping at Savers, see Liz at Gleaners then dine at any one of the awesome cafes or yummy Turkish restaurants on Sydney rd.

Jay xx


  1. lucky gal, looks great on you! cute necklace for a cute gal.
    gee that Miss Liz is pretty awesome!

    p.s word verification "wanit"

  2. It's such a well curated shop. Everything in there is gorgeous.

  3. Lovely post, Jay. The bunting necklace looks great!


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