Thursday, October 20, 2011

I want to be a hippie... Blogtoberfest day 20.

It's the time of year for school concerts, formals and wrapping it all up.
There is a mixture of happiness and sadness going on, the feelings we both share for the adventures to come and the ones left behind as my little big girl finishes off her last year of primary school.

The play for the end of year concert was 'Dear Prudence'.

A wonderful mix of Beatles songs alongside a story about a boy and a girl.

It was hard to hold back the tears when the preppy's came out to sing and dance, as my thoughts were on my grade sixer and how I'll never see her in another primary school play.
When did my little girl grow up? Seems only yesterday that we dropped her off for her first day, had her first camp and stuck her first piece of artwork on the fridge.

Gosh time flies when you have kids.

Emotions aside, end of year concert was awesome. Every song was played by the school band, every song was sung by the kids...and some of those kids, boy are they gunna be famous. Voices that make your hair stand on end. Amazing.

My baby, well suitably, her class sang revolution and ran about on stage with protest banners,
flares and lots of tie dye tee's.

Sorta reminds me of my long ago now.
I had a hippie party and wore flowers in my hair too.
Ahh the old days.

Jay xx

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