Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Taking it slow...Blogtoberfest day 19.

Taking it slow and finally using the slow cooker.

We bought this baby last winter and never got around to using it.
It takes being organised enough with ingredients early morning to have a meal on the cook all day and me being organised with food in the fridge is usually not an event that happens often.
I'm more of a hit 5 o'clock, feel hunger, go to shops and buy food to cook sort of gal.

I totally get that if I plan a whole menu for the week, shop for it and be that wee bit more organized I could probably save myself time and money, but food shopping kills me.
It's like torture.

Those brightly lit, humungo stores, where the sour cream is not in the same section as the yogurt and I end up backtracking more then once for things I missed, only after I forget to bring a gold coin so I can secure a trolley to begin the journey. Aughhh...

So at max, I'll shop for three days worth of meals at once.
At least that way the food stays fresh, without opportunity to turn into unidentifiable objects in the bottom fridge drawers.

Shopping woes aside, we planned ahead on school holidays and chose a day where my little big girl would cook for everyone. With interstate rellies over, it ended up being 12 she was cooking for, but it all went smoothly. Dinner was good old silverside, white sauce etc. The works.

But the best part, was the red wine vanilla poached pears, cooked in the slow cooker.

The smell all day was divine and the flavour was melt in your mouth.

Definitely a method of cooking we have taken on board.
quite possibly just for the amazing aromas that fill the house all day.

Jay xx

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