Sunday, October 30, 2011

First excursion...Blogtoberfest day 30.

On Friday the wee one had his first ever excursion.

When his childcare centre asked if we were coming to the excursion, you could have knocked me over with a feather. What the ! He's only 3. How will you manage twenty under 4's on an excursion, were my thoughts.

I can't even manage one sometimes.
Alas, parents come too. Whew... Yep, he can go .

The excursion was to see a puppet play at the arts center in the city.

Didn't matter where it was really, the most exciting part was catching a train to the city.
Little man has many a time pointed to the city skyline from the car
and said "go there daddy"' So he was hyped about just GOING TO THE CITY.

The train ride there, was mainly a little boy staring out the window
as the city got bigger and bigger and closer and closer.

Once we arrived we headed the the little park near the center for our picnic,

where the sculptural black waves were much more fun then sitting down and eating lunch.

The play all about zoo animals, was just perfect for our groups age and the most exciting recollection of the day from the mouths of babes was... the city is huge (pronounced hooj) and the elephant did a poo on the stage!

Gotta love him.
Jay xx

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