Sunday, October 2, 2011

A Sunday of shopping...Blogtoberfest day 2

We have some rellies down from Adelaide for a bit, so we made a point of enjoying a Sunday of sunshine and shopping.

Started with a trip to Olive Grove to show off my little patch of handmade, then on to the Virtu/TS 14+ factory outlet. Perfectly timed for a sale where we ended up getting 40% the already low prices.

You'd be so proud....or I am at least, that I didn't buy any black. The closest was a printed dress in a mix of green, orange and black.

Slowly but surely I'm getting there with my little mission of taking the black out of my wardrobe.

Next up was a stop by Rose st market.
Lots of lovelies but my pics for the day were some cute little studs,

and a fabric button necklace.

I have been eyeing these off for ages and quite out of character for me, I chose one with pinks in it. I think it was the blend with purple and that splash of a retro fabric in there that drew me in.

T'was a bonus that it matched my outfit today too.

Hope you all had a super Sunday.

Jay xx

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  1. Gorgeous - both the earrings and necklace. And I love the idea of taking black out of your wardrobe, that is a challenge I might try myself one day.


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