Monday, October 3, 2011

Shop girl today...Blogtoberfest day 3.

Today was my turn to play shop girl down at the Grove.

A chance to take the new deer skirt I made for a spin.

With the luxury of working from home most days, I could work in my pyjama's if I choose.
So it is nice to have at least one day a week where I get a chance to wear something I've made for show and tell.

I would usually have new goodies to tag/label and set up in store on my shop days, but I've learnt from previous school holidays that if I work as per usual on my days in between shop shifts, all I do is create grumpy kids and a miserably stressed me.So it's a little break in crafty transmissions whilst I try my best to make the holidays less about me and my work and more about the kids and what we can do together.

So today my focus was on finally taking in my buffet/hutch and setting it up in store. It was one of those oppie finds that was to good to pass up.

I did use it in the house for 6 months before I decided it did really suit a retail space a bit more then my abode. So off we trot to house it at work for a while.

Perfect timing really as everyone is starting to make gifty stuff in preparation for the holiday season and it has lots of room to fill it up with handmade loveliness.

Bit scary really, how close Christmas is... didn't we just finish celebrating new year!
Catch yah tomorrow.


  1. LOVING the deer skirt! popping over to say Hello form Blogtoberfest; LOVED reading your bio.

  2. ooh I love that outfit, its nice to dress up a little sometimes!

  3. Your hair's getting long! The cabinet looks wonderful.


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