Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Little bit of op shopping. Blogtoberfest day 4.

Today I decided to do the rounds at out local oppies and recycle centres to see if I could find a dresser.
We had taken the display hutch to work yesterday so had a nice big gap in the bedroom ready and waiting for a more appropriate form of storage.

My mission was to find, something long and not too wide that would house spare granny blankets, books and such.

We did find some absolutely gorgeous dressing tables, art deco and Victorian, but didn't really need the mirror part and event though we were shopping in oppies the prices greeting us were $200 plus.

Luckily we soldiered on and found this beauty down a shop corridor, behind a dresser and under another table.

Almost hidden, but i saw it's curvy wood drawers from a mile away. At only $70 it was much more in our budget and I'm always glad to find something old with a little history and character, instead of something new.

The grotty red curtains were binned even before we entered the house,
which created a nice little opening perfect for a stack of granny blankets.

Whilst on the rearrange the bedroom kick,
I made a space for another little table we picked up a few months ago.

It has the same spotty gold fleck laminex as our kitchen table and for only $20, I just couldn't leave it behind.

Once the rearrange, dusting and vacuuming was done....(lordy knows where all that dust came from!)
I lit some incense to christen the new piece and give it a new smell. It's sort of a weird ritual I have for new things. Once they are all cleaned and set up, it seems the perfect thing to do. Not sure why. Just does.

And it gives me an excuse to use my little Ellie find from savers last week. I'm not entirely sure that he is an incense holder, but he has a hole in his belly and trunk perfect for the aromatic smoke to waft through, so it works for me.

Hope you all had a spiffy Tuesday,
Jay xx


  1. Nice find, you must have good oppies or just be very lucky!!

  2. Impressed with both of your furniture finds. It's hard when the prices creep up so high, isn't it? $200 is a decent investment for a 2nd hand piece, in my mind.


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