Sunday, October 16, 2011

Something for everyone...Blogtoberfest day 16

The littlest doesn't quite get, that Sundays are about sleeping in.
So at 7am, after half an hour of harassment I figured we may as well get up for the day.

The sun was shining and we had two hours to kill before hubby had to go to work, so we decided to do a quick dash over to our local trash and treasure market.
Today, we actually found something for everyone.

The littlest always finds some form of plane, train or automobile for under a dollar.

Today it was a ship and car.
Hours of fun.

Little miss found part 9 and 10 of a series of books she is reading...

Hubby found an Astro boy bag...

and I got this awesome tin to collect money for your household bills.
I saw it a local bazaar recently for $45 and loved it, but wasn't willing to pay the $$$.

So when it was offered today for $12 I grabbed it.
Was the dearest item for the day, but I loves it.

Happy Sunday to you all,
Jay xx


  1. Great score on that money tin! Where's your local trash & treasure?

  2. I saw that same tin and didn't buy it for the same reason - what a great find!

  3. great finds, love the astro bag especially

  4. Don't know how i missed this budget tin earlier in the week. I have the exact same one. Mum gave it to us when we moved out of home to 'help with the finances'. It's currently filled with massive amounts of silver coins on our kitchen bench. When we lifted out the inserts, the hair from my sisters first hair cut was underneath!! She'll be tickled pink to know what they are going for these days. Lisa x


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