Thursday, July 5, 2012

Beanie attempt no.2

So after my not too bad attempt at beanie number one,
 I tried another one from the same pattern and came up with this.

I crocheted it as double instead of single...again to suit my need for speed.
Seems that doing stuff in double crochet renders it a bigger finished size. 
It was still a 48cm band and 20cm long but it's looser. Probably the best way I can describe it.

I also winged it and tried reducing stitches as I got to the top, so it was somewhat shaped. 
It sorta worked.
After this one I decided to search for a new pattern to experiment with in the land of the beanie.

Come back tomorrow for my 'Project, shaped beanie... FAIL'... 
Seems I still have a lot to learn in the land of the things made with yarn and a stick.

I will persist, as I hear practice makes perfect.
Jay xx

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  1. Well it looks pretty cute from where I am sitting ...!


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