Sunday, July 1, 2012

It's not a scarf...

So today, I roused up some yarn I had lying around the house, grabbed the nearest crochet stick and committed to making something that was not a scarf.

Perfect time to start a challenge, what with being 11 degrees and pouring outside.
I headed to the newly joined, Ravelry site and searched beginners beanie.

It's a size 2-3 and I mostly followed the pattern except for adding a few rows of double crochet, which occurred purely out of my wish to get it done quicker.

 Although I quite like the effect.

I tried the finished hat on Mstr.Finn and found it to be to high in the crown, but then thought it was probably more about it being a bit tight and not big enough to pull down any further to fill the crown, hence my decision that it's a size 2-3.

Knowing it didn't quite fit my little one, I decided to add a flower and make it for a little girl instead.

I'm quite happy with my first attempt at crocheting something that was not a scarf, but will try to find a beanie that is more shaped on top rather then a square pulled in.

Tomorrow's mission.
Jay x

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  1. Fab first attempt! I love getting Jack to model all my girly beanies.


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