Tuesday, July 17, 2012

New wool ...

I needed to add new wool to my little stash, 
so took my trusty $20 off voucher to spottie on the weekend and got some.

 I had finished another beanie during the week in this cluster design, 

So applied my new cluster skills to use the same pattern for a cowl
 in this awesome Dijon color I picked up.

I then made ...and remade a cowl in an awesome 12ply rusty color. But it still looks terrible, So I'm researching a good pattern to use on a chunky wool. Anything tight or delicate is just lost on such a thick wool. It needs to be really open I think, so it keeps it's drape.

I tell you, in the time I've spent making and undoing this rusty one I could have finished all the other colors.
But I will not be defeated, Oh rusty wool. I will make you beautiful.
Jay xx


  1. I kind of love crocheting something and then immediately unravelling it to make something else. I get to use the wool again! Two projects for the price of one!


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