Friday, July 6, 2012

Is it a plane...

Is it a crocheted snow cone.
A pear cover perhaps?

Well no, it's supposed to be a beanie.
 One that is nice and shaped on top, not all cinched in like my last two.

Alas it is shaping up to look more like a snuggli for your pear.

Aint no human head gunna fit in there! 
And it has some weird pointy bit happening up top..

Sort of shaping up to be a form fitted crochet bikini perhaps!

Nope... time to unravel and start again me thinks.

I know where it all went pear shaped too. 
Some time around the bit that said, when you get to the end of that round start doing ...
Who can tell where it starts and ends. It's all one big circle. A circle that never ends. And who has time to count stitches.

Oh I know. If you don't pay attention Jay, you end up with nipple covers not beanies!
So I shall undo, start again and figure out a way of marking the end of a round.
Wish me luck.
Jay xx


  1. Jay, that is TOO funny!
    I am loving your foray into crochet - and that you freewheel it a bit. It's great!

  2. I like the string bikini idea!

  3. Pahahahaha! I've been using a safety pin to mark the beginning of rounds, but Holly of Two Cheese Please showed me how you can lay a little piece of another yarn over the begining stitch, let me see if I can find a pic somewhere...
    (Link might not work)
    Otherwise, proper row markers look a bit like earrings.


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