Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Monthly design challenge...

Boy it's been ages...

Ages since I put a design challenge out for all to play.
To be honest, life took over for a bit there and didn't seem to allow me much play time.
I have learnt though, that all work and no play ... is no fun.

So I am bringing back the monthly design challenge.

This time though...the rules are a little different.

Well, everything will stay the same, except for the method used to choose topics. No more names in a hat or random org selection. Nah, this time I'll be choosing the themes.
Just exploring stuff one subject at a time and if you wanna play too, you can.

Of course this is not limited to those who sew, knit or make jewellery.
Any one...any crafty hearted soul is welcome to join in.

If the months theme inspires you, then make anything you like, interpreted or inspired any which way you choose. You can send me pics or links to your blog post when you're done and I'll share them with everyone here.

The aim of the game for me, is to explore one subject at a time and hopefully get to the end of the year having done more then zero. Make sense...probably not.
What I mean is, sometimes my head is so full of ideas, that I don't know where to start. So I spend too much time in la la land thinking of all these cool things to do and never do any of them.

My aim is to do them all, one by one.
The only way to go really.

Being specific about the topic as a starting point, then giving myself a time frame to let ideas flourish and come to fruition.

Ideas, thoughts and wonderful plans are there to be explored, shared and appreciated by all.

So come on, join in and share with me the crafty things you come up with each month when given the time to take a topic and create to your hearts content.

To get started, I choose for the month of July 2011....

A Tree.

Small or big, green or brown, plentiful in season or baron and bare, it's bark, its leaf, it's silhouette.
The smell you think of or the color palette it presents, solitary or as a forest.
You choose how it's represented, you choose how it inspires you.

I'm thinking applique or silver shapes. Not sure really, but at least I have a starting point for some creative fun, once more.

Come play too.
Jay xx

P.S see the original post here and get your blog button too so others know you're playing along.


  1. Glad to hear it's back Jay. Will try to play along!

  2. Applique and silver shapes - now I'm picturing a silver lamé space tree!

    Would love to play along again. A goal of doing more than zero is an admirable one.

  3. YAY and I have a tree design brewing in the back of my mind so perhaps I'd better try and bring it forward a bit ;)


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