Monday, July 25, 2011

Tree challenge complete...

I got to the end of July and actually finished something.
Well I tend to finish lots of things, but when it's work related it sorta doesn't count. Work is a given, that has to be completed.

Everything else, I find far too easy to push to the side so I can focus on work...

Hence my need to have a monthly challenge that is aside from all that and just a bit of fun.
Sometimes it may end up being something I fine tune and make for the shop, but my aim is purely to explore, shape, color, texture, form and something new.

So, all that said and done, I have finished my tree offering for the 'July monthly design challenge'

They look so pretty, all in a bunch.

I had completed the bases yesterday and took two into the workshop today for some metal!

After a bit of cutting, gluing and overzealous hammering to squash my rivets in... I finished these two.

One with a silver trunk and one with a copper surround. Sadly I buggered the copper one. I was hammering my rivet in and the resin cracked. But in doing so I learnt that my best plan of attack would be to apply my metal to the base, then do my resin pour....Live and learn.

It was all a very organic process, so I didn't really have any plans to go by, just wingin' it.

Upon reflection I decided I liked the pine better to work with. I needed to apply my fabric or paper with sealer...wait 24 hours like I'm supposed to... cut and apply metal shapes, then resin pour to finish, oh and possibly use a resin that sets flat rather then the doming epoxy resin I have on hand.

So I may have attacked it all in a backward fashion, lacking patience and forethought, but....I got there in the end. I do sometimes think it's better to work things through in a practical hands on manner, rather then just thinking...and thinking...and thinking of how to begin.
I'm the queen of thinking too much and never getting around to it, so I'm trying to change that a bit and just jump in there. Gets results.....eventually. And the journey is more fun!

I do love the wood exposed as the tree trunk and the silver trunk too, so I might just play a little more, to create some wearable pieces.

Once you start experimenting, the options become endless.

Thanks for reading along and if you do end up with something treeish on your craft table, make sure to let me know so I can share it on here too.

Tomorrow, I have to show you the most awesome challenge piece that my mum came up with.
'Crafting disease' is definitely genetic.
Jay xx


  1. Terrific. I can't decide between the wood and the silver because they are both my favourites! Cherrie

  2. I do love the wood exposed trunks too (never got around to commenting on your last post).

    And sometimes it is good to do things in a backwards order because you might discover something unexpected!

  3. These are all so beautiful. And I'm amused that even when you're making something "just for you" you still do a production line of five.

  4. Your pieces are so creative and lovely! Can't wait to see more of your play as wearable pieces.


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