Saturday, July 16, 2011

New jools..

I'm back in my jewellery making phase after spending probably a wee bit too long at the machines.
I tend to do 2 months sewing, 2 months accessories and jewels, then back and forth, back and forth...with the occasional deviation thrown in of making stools, stationary or drawing.
Seems to be a system that works well, so that I can keep on top of things and keep the store stocked with new and exciting stuff year round.

So to jump back in to my jewellery phase I have done a batch of resin rings and pendants.

These ones were made by embedding images from recycled gift wrap,
old books and scrap booking papers.

For the most part I like to use my own graphic designs under resin, but couldn't resist adding a small range that included some of the cool images I've been collecting.

Hoping to get back on the bench once school holidays is finished to whip up some sterling silver designs. Possibly something towards my 'tree challenge'.

I'd love to include brass or copper.
Does any one know where I could buy it in sheet form?
Wish me luck,
Jay xx

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  1. A&E Metals have an excellent range of base metals in sheet form - and it is recycled - yay! love the vibrancy of your jewels Jay - just great for brightening upp this glum Winter weather!


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