Friday, July 22, 2011

Tree's on the mind...

As a new fan and possible addict of Pinterest, I have ...of course used it as a place to collect tree inspired images for the July monthly design challenge.

These are some of the beauties I have found.
Apple tree brooch: by Daniellieorama

Tree fabric: By Saffron Craig.

Birds in a tree via : Dazzlexhibitions

For more inspiration, check out the rest over here on my Pinterest tree page.

So far, I've been sketching ideas for a brooch.

Something with fabric and metal I think and thanks to the lovely Divajools aka Sue, I found a place to get some copper and brass to use in my peice too.

I Will be finalizing the design over the weekend and sitting down at the bench on Monday to get started.

Starting on July 26th and hoping to finish by July 31st....of course!
Hope you find time to join in too.
Jay xx

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  1. My tree design is still just lingering in the back of my head.... so much going on at the moment, I just can't move fast enough, plus I've done hardly any sewing the last few weeks anyway!

    Maybe I should at least aim to have it drawn up by the end of the month ;)


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