Thursday, July 14, 2011

Polly want a cracker..

Nope, Polly wants to be a part of your new project.
Knitting project that is!

Befuddled... let me explain.

I was perusing the lovely array of colors in the wool isle down at my local Lincraft and came across something called 'Polly'. Tis a new ball of fiber made of polyester.
'Interesting' ...thought I.

The color range was awesome and price fair, so I put in a call to trusted fiber expert ... MUM, to see what this new stuff was.

Being the yarn guru, she had already heard of it and given it a whirl burl on the machine. Machine says no...unfortunately, to loosely woven to play nicely with the knitting machine. I couldn't resist the urge to buy pretty colors though so got some for a try on the old crochet stick.
The red is vibrant and the green is not like any other green I've seen there, so I grabbed those and a few purples, pinks and blues to try.

It does seem to look and feel thinner when made up. But that little gauge thingy on the side says it should knit up a 10 cm piece on same size needles, with the same amount of stitches as the 8ply 'Superwash', which is 100% wool.

My latest completed scarf alongside the new pink and navy squares in 'Polly'.

I have used a white in the 'Superwash' wool alongside a navy and pink 'Polly' and you can tell the difference that's for sure. But it's not highly unpleasant and I'm no snob when it comes to Yarn.

Wool, acrylic, silk or Cotton. They each have there own appeal and for me the appeal of 'Polly' is the awesome color range.

Whats you favorite product to knit or crochet with?
Jay xx

I've finished some new gloves and resin jools, just click on my 'Finki range' tab, up top for a sticky beak and don't forget to keep you're thinking caps on tree's for this months challenge. I've almost made up my mind what I'll make.
Jewellery or skirt, that's my dilemma.
Catch yah soon.

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  1. Hi Jay, I haven't seen Polly yet, but this year I have three favourites for crochet:
    Lincraft DK acrylic - so many gorgeous colours and it's a nice thickness for most small projects, Craftworks acrylic from Go-Lo for larger, warmer items as it is thicker and has quite a nice feel, and Patons Jet alpaca/wool for more expensive projects! Love your blog ~ Christine xx


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