Sunday, July 24, 2011

Progress...always a good thing!

I made some great progress on my tree challenge piece over the weekend.

Firstly, I decided on a shape and went shopping for some wood to use as a base.

I wasn't really sure what wood would work best, so I got a few to experiment with.

After some tracing and cutting...

and possibly a little wine on the side, I was ready to figure out step two.

How to dress my tree.

I knew i wanted to use scrap booking papers under resin, just not entirely sure how.
So I did up a few prototypes in different looks to figure it out.

I do love the ones with just the wood showing through as the trunk and the leaf part as paper. But I'm still going to follow through on my original sketch of using metal in there too.

So off I go to the workshop tomorrow to give two of them a metal makeover.
Fingers crossed.

Looks like I might even be finished by end of July.
Jay xx


  1. Love the wood showing through too. Distinguishes them as trees rather than table tennis bats. But both cute. Cherrie

  2. That glossy resin looks so yummy. I'm picturing your lovely mushroom brooch when you talk about working metal into these pieces. Cannot wait to see the finished products!

  3. Loving the ones with the natural wood trunk. You are such a talented lady - you can turn your hand to anything!


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