Thursday, October 28, 2010

All the colors of the rainbow.....

Blogtoberfest day 28:

Being the sort of person who can not make decisions easily I went whole hog and ordered all the colors of the rainbow for my new tie range.

There have been a few technical difficulties to overcome in the process of screen printing the ties so they look ab fab 100% saleable, but I'm almost 100% ready to start the range.

Of course I have not yet culled my colors.
It's come down to a bright range for the young and trendies and a classic range for the more stylishly conservative types.

Ends up a total of 15 colors.....aughhhh!

The idea was to screen print a big batch of samples to see how they came up, then choose the best ones....alas they are all divine. I really want to cull it back to ten adorable must have colors so I'll just need to sleep on it for one more night.

Darling Grandpa....(well that's what the kids call him, to me he's 'the father in law').....was the first victim to test run the samples and he sure does look mighty fine!

Mr Finny was next up,

Although it does sorta drag on the floor.....probably an obvious set back when your only 3 foot tall!

So off to bed I go, to think on it for another night before releasing the final range.

Exciting stuff!

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  1. Congrats. They are looking great. Love the designs! Lou.

  2. How could you ever choose just 10 colours? I love every single one!


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