Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Not so schmucky....

Blogtoberfest day 22:

We don't often get a chance to got to the movies Mr.Finki and I.

Something to do with full on jobs and young children I guess.

When we do make it along we are the naff couple that have to read the little sheet near the window with blurbs about the movies that are 'now showing'.

As so far and few in between are our visits to the cinema, that the adds we saw for 'coming soon' pics were for pics that are now all on D.V.D

Though I do digress.

I'm writing to tell a tale of pleasant surprise of the enjoyment of last weeks flick pic 'Dinner for schmucks'

I did look at the poster and think it was bound to have a few odd laughs but be mostly bad, Surprisingly it had lots of laugh out loud moments and a few sweeter points too.

Steve Carell is always a laugh and the movie was star studded with lots of quirky comedians in smaller roles...like Jamaine off flight of the Concords and David Walliams off Little Britain.

In the end....t'was very funny and not so schmucky after all.

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