Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Old dog new tricks....Blogtoberfest day 4.

Only up to day four on the fest, two days behind ...I know, but don't worry I have a few things up my sleeve.
Today though, I have to tell you about a fab little course I did at the C.A.E just before heading off on school holidays.

I luv...luv...luv the C.A.E cause it's a learning environment for adults. Your generally surrounded by people your own age, with the odd youngin and octogenarian in for the ride too.

The teachers are just adorable. So patient, kind and positively happy to be sharing there skills.
The classes are not your standard hairy scary high level entry stuff, more so things like flamenco dancing or make your own natural skincare. They do more techy and business orientated stuff too, but I always salivate over the pages of craft, printmaking, sewing and art classes I could be doing.

If only the days were longer.

So this time I decided to do 'Learn to sew knit fabrics'

I have some what mastered a few techniques that have made it bearable for me to sew stretch fabrics, but on the whole it is a section of spotlight that I have always put in to the too hard basket. So unless I was sewing, my one good t-shirt pattern that turns out perfect every time, I was most definitely a fish out of water.

My other great motivation was a need to own cardi's in every color in the world, for my wardrobe to be complete......silly and sad, but true.

Woolly cardi's just make you boil the minute you walk into the shops or go to the office and sometimes you just need that little bit of something to throw over your arms for a dash of color or a touch of warmth without being to heavy.

I'd want it stretchy, lightweight and fabulously bright.

I can sew side seems....check....
I can cover stitch the ends...check....
but,how am i going to close it?!
Buttons on stretchy fabric? Self bound edges? aughhhh....That's where I always falter.

So off I go to learn some new tricks.

As per usual walking into a strange building and strange classroom, full of strangers all by myself makes me want to turn and run away, but i have to push those butterflies away, walk in, smile......and just open myself up to new experiences.

Not sure why I get nervous about these things, I just do.
Maybe it's that complete surrender, that thing of being utterly powerless and dumb in this space. Where you are once again that five tear old on your first day of school. You don't know the teacher, you haven't any friends there and you can't even read what's on the board. In my case....I can't even sew stretchy fabric!

So inhibitions pushed aside, I spent the next 6 or so hours learning how to finish and sew knits...all on your sewing machine.
Very impressed was I.

Here are some pics of my little trophies .....

Self bound edges or Chanel trim finish.

Concealed Chanel finish.

Rib trim.

and elastic cased.

We did more, but these are just a few of my sample peices for the day........ proof that you can teach an old dog new tricks.

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  1. wow they look really good - so professional! It is great you have access to such a great place to learn new things and hone your skills.

  2. Ooh, very impressive! Can't wait to see these techniques appear on Finki garments.

  3. I love going to classes and learning new things too!

  4. Wow! I wanna learn too! Knits and I are not the best of friends. Your work looks great, Jay.


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