Saturday, October 16, 2010

Sweet smellin' me....

Blogtoberfest day 15:

Mmmm mmm, can you smell the pumpkin pie or lychee delight from your place. Cause it sure is sweeet!
Not my, no, no.
Tis' my new delivery of sweet scents from abroad.

Ever since my days as a teenager, of going to the body shop with my girlfriends and lathering ourselves in scrumptious fuzzy peach, dewberry or vanilla oils, I have had a soft spot for scented oils.

I'm not so much in to designer perfumes, haven't grown up and graduated into such sophistication yet. Still happy with fragrant delights that remind of a fresh baked pie or the breathtaking aromas of a Saturday morning farmers market. Melons, lime, coriander Yumm!!

I'm always excited to discover new sellers on Etsy, my fave place to shop for handmade and just can't go past a shop that boasts oils, lip gloss and body butters in a zillion tasty flavours/scents to try.

My most recent find was a little shop called 'Epically Epic soap co.' They were featured in a treasury on the front page, showcasing there spiced pumpkin solid lotion.
Intrigued was I...

So I clicked on over to visit and found soooo much scrumdiddlyumptios ( yes that's a word) stuff.

I was quick smart to place an order and just HAD to share my delight in my newly unwrapped parcel.

O.M.G.....they are all divine and so cheap, But my absolute favourites are the Nag Champa solid lotion.....can you believe it YES you're favourite incense in a lotion!

Close second is the oatmeal milk and honey lotion and the manila mango..

Then there's the lip glosses.... Orange clove is to die for and the spiced pumpkin, chai tea and turkish coffee. Such an amazing list of fragrances and flavours to choose from.

She has even listed all the choices that are vegan and done little tins and specials on multi buys so you can try a little of everything.

I heart Etsy for making places like this available to everyone and I most definitely heart 'Epically epic soap co' my newest place to shop for fragrant delights.

Be sure to see what all the other blogtoberfestians are up to today, over here.....


  1. Yummo! They look fantastic - I am thinking Chrissie presents here. Clicked over there but she is closed for a move just now. Thanks for sharing!

  2. These all look amazing, lucky you!! What a gorgeous treat & so many choices for Christmas. Love Posie


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