Thursday, October 7, 2010

A new toy.....

Blogtoberfest day 5: A new toy.

It would seem that technology today is not built to last....

So when you take your old camera to the store to be fixed, sales assistants everywhere, try and hide the giggle....

Laughing at this silly woman who thinks her $300 camera that is 8 years old is going to be fixed for her.....

Thankfully i was not too unprepared for the mocking and had an inkling that this might happen.

So we did our homework and found the best deal on a digital SLR. A long awaited update to our old pretend SLR.

Now I'm walking around happy snapping random things in the house, trying to teach myself how to use it.

Let the fun and games begin....

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  1. Looks like it takes great photos. I have an old SLR but would really like a digital one. Have fun playing with yours!

  2. Ok so spill the beans - which one did you buy? Your pics look great by the way!


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