Thursday, October 14, 2010

My creative space...

Blogtoberfest day 14:

Today my creative space although bustling and chaotic will not be the feature.
I'd like to instead, introduce you to the creative space of my other half.

We all know him as Mr.Finki of course. But he is a creative being in his own rights and has just started his own blog to prove it.

Focus and shoot...Daily snapshots of my life behind the lens.

Its all fresh and exciting and only has a few posts, but sometimes you just gotta jump in and find your feet along the way, otherwise you just never get started.

Having always had a camera in the cupboard for happy snaps he's always longed to do more creative things and learn the special we all do I guess. But we clamber along, only taking it out for birthdays and Christmas. So sad really.

But now, he's made a commitment to take a photo daily, in a bid to learn more, capture more and just enjoy the process.

I sometimes think, that when we set ourselves these daily tasks it challenges us to think outside of the box and keep things interesting. So it's all good.

I smile a little on the inside to know he has finally started doing something he loves and something he has talked about doing for ages. His blog is not fancy ......and he doesn't say much, but that will come with time....

So if you're in the bloggie neighbourhood, do drop by and lend your expertise. Whether it be photography advice or a bloggie hug xx

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Jay xx


  1. ohhh, sooo cool Mr Finki!
    will pop by to say hello.
    cool pics, cool peeps

  2. Those photos are gorgeous and good luck to Mr Finki!

  3. You guys always look so cute together whenever you put a pic up!

  4. Yay! Go the Pentax! Good luck to Mr. Finki for daily photos!

  5. Yaysies!! Good on you Mr. Finki!!! Sometimes I think I would love it if my hubby were event the tensiest bit creative.

  6. Go Mr Finki!
    You two are so adorable together.

  7. Go to it MrF. Look forward to checking out the daily pics.


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