Wednesday, October 20, 2010

A collective spring....

Blogtoberfest day 19:

The shop is looking so bright and cheery at the moment....

I only work one day in every 9, so each time I go back it's like walking into a whole new space.

I sometimes wander how I'm gunna get all the things I want done finished in time to greet each season.

Then I remember that I am not alone. I work in a fabulous co-op with 9 other uber creative gals. So, even if we all only get a third done of what we actually wanted to....nine times a third equals more than enough to entirely change the look of our big ol' space.

Hooray for spring and hooray for creative collectives. Makes a job, a joy.

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  1. wow very happy and colourful! what a fantastic idea...of the co op!lovely to stumble across your blog during blogtoberfest! all the best with the last week!


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