Sunday, October 10, 2010

Finders keepers....

Blogtoberfest day 7:

Headed off to the first Finders Keepers market yesterday, down at docklands.

Got me some pretty brooches and hair clips,

By Tree party designs.....

And a few magnets and erasers from little Jane st.

I could have bought so much more as the array of stallholders was top notch. Just beautiful stuff.

But like a few murmurs I've heard around blog land, I agree that it was a bit overwhelming.
So big, so many stalls and so much high quality craft that the mind does boggle.

They did have a nice little bar and band up front, so I could have chilled for a bit and headed back for a second round, but I had the children in tow and only managed one quick whizz around.

I tried to say hello to all my fave sellers, but there were customers galore that flocked to certain stores, making it hard to shop.... let alone stop and chat.

I do see this as the beginning of summer markets though and know that we all have a few months of fantastic shopping opportunities coming up.

Hooray for handmade!

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  1. Just home from the market - it was great - but much awesomeness my head almost exploded!


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