Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Where am I supposed to sit !

Blogtoberfest day 25:

At some stage a year or so ago, I knew that Finki was well and truly taking over the house and needed it's own space, so we created a dedicated study for all things crafty.
This temporarily satisfied the needs of a crafter, till my adventures grew and started to take over the kitchen once more.

We then leaped on the opportunity of a studio space becoming available at work.

So having half at work and the rest in the study here, has kept it relatively tidy at home...till now.

I have fallen in love with screen printing and just want to slap a little painted birdy or ray gun on everything.

So two rooms my dears....is not enough.

The kitchen and lounge have become my drying racks for lots of new screen printed goodies.

Whats a girl to do!

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  1. I love those cameras... do you have mens ones?

  2. Ha ha...now thats why I'm lucky to be living alone! No-one to complain about my crafty bits and bobs all over the house.

  3. Really like the birdy Tees and the hot air balloons in the post below. Would love to learn how to screen print, your stuff looks amazing!


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